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Thank you for your interest in representing Sled USA! Our sponsored athletes are the front lines of the Sled USA brand and continually strive to promote Sled USA and the sport of snowmobiling. Below you will find our requirements and guidelines for sponsorship. Please read over everything carefully and make sure you fully understand what we provide to you and what we expect in return. This is a seasonal sponsorship and needs to be renewed annually. We will notify our sponsored riders when it is time to renew. If you have any questions about the sponsorship or application process please do not hesitate to email us at We are here to help and make sure this process goes as smoothly as possible. Thanks again for your interest.

What We Provide to You:

1: Discounts on our products (Apparel, Accessories, etc.) on Upon sponsorship acceptance, you will receive a discount code to use at checkout. If you are new to Sled USA, you will receive an entry level sponsorship discount. Your involvement with Sled USA will be evaluated annually and this will determine your sponsorship acceptance and discount level for the next year. 

2: Increased rider exposure. We love posting pictures and videos of our sponsored riders on our social media, especially when they are repping Sled USA! This will help build your social media following and increase your exposure as an athlete. 

3: Early insight and access to new products, events, and new things happening with Sled USA!

What We Expect in Return:

1: Stay active on social media. Posting a minimum of one time a week, all year round. (Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, etc.)

2: One (1) exclusive Sled USA post a month. Post should include a picture or video showing off Sled USA products or the Sled USA logo on your wrap. Tag us using @sledusa or @sledusaoffroad and use #SledUSA or #SledUSAOffroad in your posts. This allows us to easily find your posts and be able to share them on our social media accounts. 

3: Images of Sled USA products in action sent to us throughout the year. We love when our sponsored riders check in with us throughout the season, provide feedback, share stories, and send us photos. This not only gives us the chance to get to know you better, but it also allows us to gather content we can use throughout the year to help promote you as an athlete and ambassador. Remember to take your time and take several (high quality) photos. 

The guidelines and requirements above are meant as minimum requirements in order to maintain your current level of sponsorship from Sled USA. We always take notice of those who go above and beyond to create videos, post product reviews, refer friends and family, and get creative! The more you promote the Sled USA brand, the more frequently we promote you as a rider. 

Sled USA Sponsorship Guidelines:

By submitting this form, you are agreeing to the following rules and guidelines:

1: I understand that I need to be 18 years or older to receive sponsorship from Sled USA.


2: I understand while riding my snowmobile, I am an ambassador of the Sled USA brand and the sport of snowmobiling. I will do my best to reflect positively on the sport and represent the brand in a professional manner.

3: I understand that Sled USA reserves the right to terminate the sponsorship contract at any time with or without cause, as does the rider. 

4: I understand that I am not to share any details regarding my level of sponsorship or share my discount code with anyone other than myself. 

5: I understand that Sled USA assumes no liability for accidents or injuries caused by performing extreme activities. 

Sponsorship Category

Sled USA requires you to have your own public (not private) Instagram page as this is our primary social media platform to follow your progress.


Explain why you would be a good candidate for sponsorship. If you would like to attach a sponsorship resume, you can email it to after submitting this form.


By submitting this form, you are agreeing that you fully read and understand all the rules and guidelines listed above. 


Thanks for submitting your sponsorship application!

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