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Add an elevation-compensating turbocharger to your Arctic Cat M8000 with The BoonDocker Agility Turbo System. Agility is capable of 14+ PSI and producing over +125 HP ! Patent Pending Deep Snow Exhaust technology utilizes the stock-exhaust-exit location for a quick and reversible installation. Electronic Boost Control means perfect performance, regardless of conditions. 



For the high-performance enthusiast, the BoonDocker Agility is the next generation in aftermarket snowmobile turbo kits, building off of the SideKick platform. It delivers consistent, reliable power, regardless of conditions, so you can have more fun, every weekend.


Agility excels with true deep-snow performance, both in improvements in cold-air delivery, and with the fully heat-shielded, quiet exhaust, that’s easier to install: no cutting or modifying the tunnel.  It’s the deep snow performance you expect from BoonDocker, exiting through the stock location.


Maximum performance comes from a significant increase in charge-air-box volume, optimized injector placement, and the flexibility to run low boost or a lot of boost. Options, like an all-new intercooler, located inside the airbox, with increased cooling capacity will quench even the power-thirstiest rider.


Not a detail was missed. An easy-to-remove, muffler makes the little things, like servicing a quick-drive belt in the field easier. With Agility, BoonDocker introduces a turbo-specific oiling system, utilizing the OEM reservoir, increasing oil to the turbo and engine when you need it (not all models). A new wire harness is standard, and includes heat-rated shielding, upgraded wire and connectors, and strain-relief.


Finally, the BoonDocker fuel controller is USB-updatable for all three OEM’s and includes new software AND fuel calibration that provides the crispest throttle response and best power, a significant improvement over previous models! 

Agility Turbo System For Arctic Cat M8000 (Alpha/Ascender)

    • 2018+ Arctic Cat M8000 (Alpha/Ascender) 
    • All Agility options are complete (except clutching) and come with everything you need to bolt-on and run 50/50 mix fuel above 2,000 feet.
    • CLUTCHING NOT INCLUDED: Clutching purchased separately (REQUIRED)
    • Includes "Blue" actuator for 4-8 PSI. Additional actuators available
    • Turbocharger is capable of >14 PSI 
    • Additional parts may be required for different power levels, elevations and/or different fuels. (See upgrades & FAQ's)
    • Fully Heat Shielded
    • Includes fuel-system upgrade
    • Deep Snow Technology: Prevents engine cap-off
    • Backcountry Quiet Technology: Our goal is to produce products that have minimal impact on noise
    • 2860-sized high-quality ball-bearing turbo
    • Increased wheel speeds and decreased spool time from previous generations
    • Increased throttle response 
    • Intercooler Option:
      • Completely redesigned intercooler for SideKick Agility (vs. SideKick).
        • Liquid-to-Air
        • Intercooler located inside the airbox (not the charge tube) for more direct contact with a larger surface area
        • Utilizes a belly-pan mounted heat exchanger
        • Includes coolant pump
        • Isolated coolant system (does not mix with engine coolant)
        • Increased intercooler surface area (40%)
        • Increased airbox size (to accommodate intercooler AND for increased throttle response)
      • Intercoolers reduce charge air temperatures to allow your system to create more power. Cold air is more dense. More O2 means more fuel, which means more power.
      • An intercooler also levels out charge-air temps which improves consistency across many different riding scenarios and helps prevent heat soaking.
      • An intercooler is strongly suggested for high-boost applications especially at high-elevations. Higher boost at higher elevations creates significantly more heat as the charger has to work harder to compress less-dense atmosphere. Intercoolers are strongly suggested for customers that operate at WOT for extended periods of time. An intercooler is recommended for all applications.
      • Adding an Intercooler is easiest at the time of initial installation. Because the heat exchanger is built into the airbox, adding the intercooler later requires more work and is more expensive than choosing the intercooler during your initial build.

    • SuperTuner Adjustable Control Box Option
      • Upgrade your SideKick control box to a fully adjustable SuperTuner! Built with the same logic, EBC and auto-adjustments as SideKick 2.0, the SuperTuner (ST) is the next level in controlling your ride. Our small display screen provides you with stats from your engine (boost set-point, actual boost, max boost, max RPM’s, injector duty cycle, charge air temperatures, and throttle position). The harness has been lengthened, so you can mount it on your dash. Because of the display, the control box is slightly larger than the SideKick 2.0. Like the SideKick 2.0, the ST comes with a USB port, so you can load any of our pre-configured tunes, right from our website. The primary function of this tool is for reviewing stats and for adjusting your boost. Although the ST control box is a fully functional fuel calibration tool, those strategies are very complex, and user-adjustment is not recommended.
      • Includes display with buttons
      • Includes longer harness, for easy dash-mounting
      • Read real-time stats - Easier to troubleshoot issues
      • Adjust boost levels, on the mountain
      • Adjust fueling calibration, on the mountain
      • Updates via USB connection, the same as the SideKick 2.0 and allows users to load pre-configured tunes from website
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