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Please note: BackwoodsBMP inserts are not compatible with factory rear running board support OEM (close-off). If you do not already possess a BackwoodsBMP rear bumper, which includes our running board supports, selecting the appropriate option is imperative.


Introducing the industry's premier innovation: The first-ever all-billet Catalyst Running Board Inserts and Running Board Supports. Gone are the days of settling for plastic running boards – BackwoodsBMP offers a superior solution.


"At Backwoods BMP, we understand the value of uninterrupted snow time, prioritizing the prevention of even the slightest setbacks. Our commitment is to ensure riders can enjoy their experience to the fullest, pushing boundaries with confidence."


Fabricated from Billet .50" 6061 Plate and meticulously machined for precise fit, finish, and optimal traction, our Catalyst Running Board Inserts embody strength, reliability, and unparalleled snow-shedding capabilities. Endorsed by industry-leading riders, they have been rigorously tested and approved.


The integration of our Billet Running Board Inserts with the BackwoodsBMP Billet Running Board Supports presents the ultimate remedy for replacing vulnerable plastic boards and supports. If you've put your Catalyst through its paces, chances are you've encountered issues with rear plastic running board supports or boards.

Backwoods BMP Catalyst Running Board Inserts

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