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Add an elevation-compensating turbocharger to your Ski-Doo Gen4 850 with The BoonDocker Agility Turbo System. Agility is capable of 14+ PSI and producing over +125 HP ! Patent Pending Deep Snow Exhaust technology utilizes the stock-exhaust-exit location for a quick and reversible installation. Electronic Boost Control means perfect performance, regardless of conditions. 



For the high-performance enthusiast, the BoonDocker Agility is the next generation in aftermarket snowmobile turbo kits, building off of the SideKick platform. It delivers consistent, reliable power, regardless of conditions, so you can have more fun, every weekend.


Agility excels with true deep-snow performance, both in improvements in cold-air delivery, and with the fully heat-shielded, quiet exhaust, that’s easier to install: no cutting or modifying the tunnel.  It’s the deep snow performance you expect from BoonDocker, exiting through the stock location.


Maximum performance comes from a significant increase in charge-air-box volume, optimized injector placement, and the flexibility to run low boost or a lot of boost. Options, like an all-new intercooler, located inside the airbox, with increased cooling capacity will quench even the power-thirstiest rider.


Not a detail was missed. An easy-to-remove, muffler makes the little things, like servicing a quick-drive belt in the field easier. With Agility, BoonDocker introduces a turbo-specific oiling system, utilizing the OEM reservoir, increasing oil to the turbo and engine when you need it (not all models). A new wire harness is standard, and includes heat-rated shielding, upgraded wire and connectors, and strain-relief.


Finally, the BoonDocker fuel controller is USB-updatable for all three OEM’s and includes new software AND fuel calibration that provides the crispest throttle response and best power, a significant improvement over previous models! 

BoonDocker Agility Turbo System For Ski-Doo Gen4 850

    • 2017+ Ski-Doo Gen4 850 
    • Intercooled
      Yes: Intercooled

      This option includes the Agility Intercooler System (complete with hardware)

      No: Non-Intercooled

      This option includes the non-intercooled configuration, including non-intercooled air-box.

      How do I choose which option is right for me:

      Want the least complex, lightweight option: Non-Intercooled

      Primarily tree riding without extended WOT: Non-Intercooled

      Primarily tree riding with extended WOT: Intercooled

      Chute Climbing: Intercooled

      Hill-Climb / Racing: Intercooled

      High Elevation and High Boost: Intercooled

    • Control BoxAdjustable (Super Tuner or ST)


      On-board Display Screen (stats) w/buttons (adjustability)


      Extra length harness for dash mounting

      Non-Adjustable (SideKick 2.0)

      Non-adjustable (other than tune flashes)

      No screen or buttons


      Intended to mount under the hood

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