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For the ultimate in performance and looks, our line of Billet machined heads for the Polaris AXYS 850 (Patriot) are the answer to the highest performance as well as pump-gas operation! The Idaho™, purpose built for pump gas, and The Colorado™ which has been optimized for high-octane, high boost.


Both heads offer a ruggedized, through-bolt construction from aerospace-grade aluminum, maximized cooling potential, and the top-tier driveability and consistency that BoonDocker customers have come to expect. We’ve ridden the pump-gas setup, including The Idaho™, and can attest that this is pump-gas perfection.



THE IDAHO™: For BoonDocker turbocharged Polaris Patriot owners, The Idaho head from BoonDocker is the solution to pump gas performance among all aftermarket turbo kits because we’ve strategically engineered a combustion chamber that fully leverages the potential power of the turbocharger kit, at all RPM’s and riding conditions, provides more predictability and control of tuning, while incorporating a ruggedized design and bill-of-materials, specific to the higher demands of a turbocharged engine.


THE COLORADOFor BoonDocker turbocharged Polaris Patriot owners looking for the ultimate in high-octane power delivery, The Colorado™ head from BoonDocker provides both increased performance and strength over the stock head because The Colorado’s™ combustion chamber has been optimized for the demands of high-boost, high-octane, while providing additional horsepower and control and predicitbility of tuning, over the stock head.


NOTE: The Colorado head also has an application for pump-gas above 8,500 feet. Read more in the FAQ's

BoonDocker Billet Head For Polaris Patriot 850

    • 2019+ Polaris AXYS 850 (Patriot) with aftermarket turbo 
    • Configuration
      Idaho Billet

      Designed for the use of 10% ethanol or premium 91-octane pump gas with a turbocharged Polaris 850

      Allows for the use of pump gas above 4,000 feet (see FAQ's for full details)

      Billet Aluminum construction

      High cooling capacity

      Colorado Billet

      Allows for the use of pump gas above 8,500 feet (see FAQ's for full details)

      Allows for more boost on high-octane kits to maximize performance

      Higher performance option than The Idaho head

      Billet Aluminum construction

      High cooling capacity

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