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Boondocker's Breathe Right™ Cold Air Intake for Ski-Doo Factory Turbo is the answer to frozen, snow covered vents. The Ski-Doo OEM factory vents do not perform to our standards. They easily stack snow on top of them, preventing proper cold air intake flow.


Maximum performance comes from both a larger intake surface area and from using high-grade materials. Increasing the surface area allows for proper airflow in the most demanding conditions.


We start off with FrogSkinz-branded pre-filter material, which we have custom-cut for us at the factory. This material is the benchmark in hydrophobic pre-filter material. They simply won't absorb water!


The frame is constructed of aluminum for the ultimate lightweight performance part. The vents fasten to the snowmobile with the same preinstalled adhesive as what the vents are stuck down with making them easy to install in the trailer!


Installation is easy, with no drilling or cutting required! Simply peel back the paper, set them in place, adhere all edges of vent to the hood and you're ready to ride!


This is the best vent kit for Ski-Doo’s Factory Turbo on the market. The vents were designed to fully seal to the hood allowing you to remove the factory FrogSkin that lays underneath these vents. (Note: These vents do not cover every FrogSkin on the Skidoo Factory Turbo hood and we do recommend ensuring vent placement before removing any of the factory mesh.)

BoonDocker Breathe Right™ Cold Air Intake For Ski-Doo

    • Ski-Doo Factory Turbo 2020-2022
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