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The BoonDocker High Energy™ and Talon™ Capsule Set fits the entire High Energy™ and Talon™ lineup, from snowmobile to UTV. Precisely tune your clutch system with these easy-to-change capsules. Capsules adjust not only the final weight, but the distribution of the mass across the profile of the weight. Our scientific approach to clutching yeilds the most effective power management available. 



Clutching is a precise science. At BoonDocker, we take it seriously. Our new High Energy™ lineup of clutch parts focuses around a engineered weight, with mass in just the right spots. The High Energy™ weights are tunable with our capsule technology. Easily make adjustments to your performance without taking the weight out of the clutch!


CAPSULES ARE SOLD IN SETS OF THREE (3)! For example, if you order #6 capsules from this page, you'll receive (3) #6 capsules, one for each weight.

BoonDocker High Energy™ & Talon™ Capsule Set

  • Capsule # Mass Length
    #6 4.9 g


    #7 6.15 g 0.7"
    #8 6.0 g


    #9 7.25 g 0.9"
    #10 7.2 g 1.0"
    #11 8.4 g 1.1"
    #12 8.25 g 1.2"
    #13 9.5 g 1.3"
    #14 9.4 g 1.4"
    #15 10.7 g 1.5"
    #16 10.5 g 1.6"
    #17 11.8 g 1.7"


    • Fits ANY/ALL BoonDocker High Energy™ and Talon™ clutch weights
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