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The BoonDocker High Energy™ Clutch Kit for Arctic Cat provides the best off-the-line throttle response, excellent midrange, and impressive top-end performance. This kit includes the revolutionary BoonDocker weights for the best performance in any category. 


**Weights ONLY. Our High Energy™ Capsules (sold separately) are REQUIRED for this product!** 



For the Arctic Cat snowmobile enthusiast that demands the highest performance, the High Energy™ Clutch Kit from BoonDocker is a configurable and tuneable system that includes the revolutionary BoonDocker weights. Factory race teams along side industry pros like Chris Burandt and Dan Adams choose these weights for their tested and winning performance in each of the three categories: Off-the-Line, Midrange, and Top-End. 


  • Rippier on the bottom end
  • Pulls harder through the mid-range
  • Higher top speeds
  • 30-day guarantee


For the trail rider, the weekend warrior, the meadow masher, the racer, or the snowmobile professional that wants the best performing clutch system, the BoonDocker High Energy™ Clutch Kit for Arctic Cat M8000 will produce performance you can feel and performance that won't be beat.


So, go ahead and line 'em up. We guarantee the performance and value of our BoonDocker clutch kits with a 30-day No-Questions-Asked Guarantee. Who else in the industry makes a claim like that?

BoonDocker High Energy™ Weight Set For Arctic Cat

  • Elevation Stock Big Bore Low Boost High Boost
    0-1000 TBD TBD TBD TBD
    1000-3000 TBD TBD TBD TBD
    3000-5000 69 TBD 75 TBD
    5000-7000 69 TBD 75 TBD
    7000-9000 69 TBD 75 TBD
    9000-11000 69 TBD 75 TBD


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