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The BoonDocker Intercooler System for the Patriot Boost is here! Give your Boost the Boost it deserves! 


By intercooling your Patriot Boost, you will experience increased throttle response and eliminate RPM fade during long pulls! An intercooled Patriot Boost will significantly decrease cold air intake temperatures (up to 60 degrees), which will increase power. Intercooled sleds will pull harder through mid range and maximize horsepower per pound of boost. Adding an intercooler will also help prevent detonation. 


This kit includes: 

- Intercooled Airbox Assembly

- Water to Air Radiator

- Coolant Bottle

- Power Adapter

- Water Pump Assembly

- All fittings, hoses, clamps, and other hardware


BoonDocker Patriot Boost Intercooler System

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