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Upgrade your clutch pins for your Polaris Snowmobile or UTV with the BoonDocker Performance Clutch Pins. These ultra-high quality, precision machined bearing-bolts are stronger and harder with the ultimate bearing surface.



The BoonDocker Performance Clutch Pins for the Polaris P85 are an easy upgrade you can install at home! The full kit comes ready with three pins and nylon-insert lock nuts. This upgrade kit features hardened stainless steel clutch pins with a precision-machined bearing surface.


BoonDocker builds these clutch pins in house using their ultra-precise Swiss-type CNC screw machine. The Swiss-type screw machine is computer controlled and reputable for building the most precise parts. The final product results in a high-performance bearing surface that is both precise and accurate that allows the weight to easily rotate around a perfectly cylindrical pin. 


Built from heat-treated (hardened), high-strength, super-hard martensitic stainless steel, you can feel confident that this complete set of three clutch pins (sometimes called bearing screws or bearing bolts), with nuts, is ready for your high-performance Polaris Ride.


We strongly suggest using all three clutch pins at once to keep your clutches perfectly balanced.

BoonDocker Performance Clutch Pins For Polaris P-85 Clutch

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