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BoonDocker's In the Tunnel Deep Snow Exhaust System will keep breathing in any snow condition, on any mountain, every single day. The Tunnel exhaust, not only outperforms everything else, especially on a Turbo, it's much quieter than Stock Exit systems, and that is something everyone can appreciate.


Also available in Stock Exit, these Exhaust Systems are built with the same bulletproof, robust construction and are easy to install without modifying your snowmobile.


  • Great Sound
  • Excellent performance
  • All stainless steel construction
  • Based off of BoonDocker's patented Sidekick Exhaust System
  • Available In the Tunnel or Stock Exit
  • Cooker ready

Boondocker’s all-new In-The-Tunnel, deep snow, lightweight, performance exhaust systems for Matryx Boost, 9R, 850, 650, and 850 Axys sleds. This patented design is exclusive to Boondocker and has had countless miles of proven reliability, durability, and rideability tested by the industry's top riders. This design provides the best deep snow runnability hands down! You will never have to stomp a hole in the snow to get the engine breathing again! The In-The-Tunnel Exhaust System also helps keep those decibels down while providing that better-than-stock rumble everyone is looking for. The Boondocker signature polygonal shape is durable, unique and the best-looking muffler option on the market. The same proven performance muffler is also available in stock exit options for an easy, no-mods necessary to your sled install and yes, this muffler system comes cooker ready!

BoonDocker SideKick In The Tunnel & Stock Exit Matryx Boost Muffler

  • Tunnel and Stock Exit options will not fit chain case models

    Tunnel option will not fit stock battery location

    • Tunnel Exit
      • Polaris Matryx Boost 2022+
      • Polaris AXYS RMK 850 2019+
      • Polaris RMK SKS 850 2019+
    • Stock Exit
      • Polaris Matryx Boost 2022+
      • Polaris AXYS RMK 850 2019+
      • Polaris RMK SKS 850 2019+
      • Polaris Indy XC 2019+
      • Polaris Indy XCR 2020+
      • Polaris Indy Adventure 2020+
      • Polaris Indy VR1 2021+
      • Polaris Switchback Assault 650/850 2019+
      • Polaris Indy SP 2023
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