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The all-new BoonDocker Trail Cooler™  Upgrade radiator mounts on the bottom of the sled to provide increased cooling capacity that matches the demands of today's high-performance sleds!



If you are looing for better cooling capacity, the BoonDocker Trail Cooler™  Upgrade delivers lower coolant temperatures with a higher resistance to heat-soaking. An easy-to-install, simple cooler slides underneath the engine for reliable cooling regardless of conditions.


The cooling drivers for this system are three-fold: First, the engine creates a massive amount of heat. Heat rises, pulling cold air (across our radiator) through the belly pan. Second, there is significant airflow, resulting from the track, at this junction. Finally, increased contact with snow and ice will increase cooling capacity.


The all-new Trail Cooler™  Upgrade is based off the time-proven concept belly-pan radiator for our turbo system intercoolers. This additional radiator fastens beneath the engine, replacing a pre-existing access panel. Installation is simple with no cutting or fabricating.


GUARANTEED FOR AS LONG AS YOU OWN YOUR SLED! You won't find a tougher radiator!

BoonDocker Trail Cooler™ For Polaris Axys 800/850, Matryx, Matryx Boost & 9R

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