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The Force Turbos' Arctic Cat VCS Bypass Pump Fuel Turbo System is designed specifically for high elevation (5000' and above) on all Arctic Cat C-TEC2 vehicles, including the M8000 (2018.5-2022) and Alpha (2019-2022).


This is the high-performance, zero-compromise bypass turbo solution the Arctic Cat platform has been waiting for.  Powered by the VCS (Velocity Control System), this system eliminates fuel and air limitations seen in traditional turbo systems.  The VCS is able to balance stock air, fuel, and exhaust velocities.  The bottom-end and mid-range response is maximized so that it functions similar to a naturally aspirated engine, while adding the top-end power of boost.


With its lightweight design, the Arctic Cat VCS Bypass Pump Fuel Turbo System adds less than 12 pounds.


The installation of the turbo system is simple and doesn’t require any modification of the chassis.

*Stock exhaust pipe MUST be sent to Force Turbos for modification to work with VCS Turbo system. All stock parts that are included in the modification will be returned to the customer.  System price includes in-house modifications.  Please allow 2 days plus delivery turnaround time.  A refundable core charge of $650 can be applied if you prefer shipment of replacement pipe with the system, which will be refunded upon receiving the stock pipe.


(Contact Force Turbos for more details.)



  • Manually controlled exhaust bypass velocity valve
  • Oversized auxiliary aluminum air intake with velocity control valve


Garrett Turbocharger with nickel coated oversized ported exhaust housing · Upgraded Turbosmart Adjustable Wastegate · 2.5” Aluminum Charge Tube · High-flow Aluminum Cold Air Intake Plenum · 4 Ply Silicone Connection Fittings · Stainless Steel Exhaust Components · Aluminum Airbox · Stainless Steel Oil Line

Force Turbos Arctic Cat C-TEC2 VCS Bypass Pump Fuel Turbo System

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