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Unleash your 9R, or Patriot 850, this winter with the Force Turbos Polaris Harmonics Exhaust.  This can delivers lighter weight, higher performance, and enhanced sound, and is quieter than our Mountain Tuned Exhaust, delivering a unique tone unlike any can on the market. Thanks to the TIG welded full 304 stainless steel design.


Thanks to the unique rectilinear design, not only does this can complement the body lines of the classic RMK, but it also unlocks a higher level of performance while maintaining manageable sound levels.

This exhaust was designed with our bypass system specifically to maximize performance, loose weight, and “eliminate powered bog”.  Every detail was accounted for, from the confident but not too loud sound, to being muff pot ready, to quality and performance.


Our exhausts are fully manufactured out of 304 stainless steel, and TIG welded giving you a corrosion-proof product with long-term performance. Once used, the true living colors of the stainless steel, ranging from gold to blue, will appear for a stylish look.


Weighing only 9.5lbs, this exhaust is 40% lighter than the stock exhaust.


Force Turbos’ exhausts are constructed as a direct slip-on replacement, allowing for easy installation with a solid connection.

Force Turbos Polaris Harmonics N/A Exhaust for Matryx 850 & 9R

  • Polaris

    • Pro RMK 850 (2022-2024)
    • Pro RMK Axys 850 (2022)
    • Pro RMK Matryx 850 (2022)
    • Pro RMK Matryx Slash 850 (2022)
    • Pro RMK Slash 850 (2023-2024)
    • Pro RMK Slash Patriot 9R (2023-2024)
    • RMK Khaos 850 (2022-2024)
    • RMK Khaos Axys 850 (2022)
    • RMK Khaos Matryx 850 (2022)
    • RMK Khaos Matryx Slash 850 (2022)
    • RMK Khaos Slash 850 (2023-2024)
    • RMK Khaos Slash Patriot 9R (2023-2024)
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