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High-performance, extended-life Gates G-Force RedLine CVT Belt for BRP Gen4 850 (all models).


At BoonDocker, we're all about performance. We personally run these belts on our own vehicles for several reasons: 


  • Maintain RPM's: Many non-OEM belts are made of a stiffer compound for extended life. This results in less clutch grip and less power to the ground. This simply isn't the case with the RedLine belt!
  • Longer Belt Life: Even on our high-horsepower cars, we see significant improvements in belt life. We also observe lower belt temperatures.
  • 1 year manufacturer warranty, visit for more info



Gates G-Force RedLine CVT Belts are the first of a new generation of Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) belts. Gates’ innovative design results in better acceleration, higher top speeds, less speed ratio and energy loss in extreme off-road environments.


  • Improved durability, crack- and wear-resistant means a longer-lasting, higher-performance power transmission belt for the most demanding applications
  • Greater heat resistance and recovery, even under severe duty cycles
  • Optimized, patented Ethylene Elastomeric (EE) compound maximizes axial stiffness enabling belts to run at higher continuous torques or loads
  • Tested under extreme conditions in controlled environments as well as on race vehicles

Redline Drive Belt For Ski-Doo

  • The newest G-Force CVT belt developed from the most advanced materials. Extensively lab and field tested, Gates G-Force RedLine CVT belts are engineered to handle the wildest rides required for the dunes, deserts, mountains, and race-day.

    • Built to withstand extreme friction, severe compressive force, and excessive heat created from high acceleration, frequent backshifting, and heavy loads.
    • Delivers 75% greater dynamic axial stiffness on average, up to 50% lower speed losses and better recovery from temperatures up to 338°F (170°C) without power loss.
    • Best within extreme off-road environments: better acceleration, higher top speed, less speed ratio & energy loss
    • Greater heat resistance & recovery – even under severe duty cycles
    • Extremely fatigue resistant
    • Improved durability, crack & wear-resistance
    • 417300571 Belt
    • 422280652 Belt
    • 48R4289 Belt
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