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Hottest Bars On the Market!


Boondoggler Tapered Aluminum Handlebars

  • Super Strong Tapered walled aluminum flexes to reduce vibration and rider fatigue to offer a better feel of the snowmobile.
  • Mandrel precision pre bent hook on each end of the handlebar.
  • Computerized tapered wall construction has 4" wide 1 1/8” clamp area and tapers down to 7/8” for stock controls and grips.
  • Custom snowmobile specific 10 degree sweep with hooked ends offers useable control surface area to fit your stock controls.
  • Available in 2" tall by 30.5" wide.
  • 1 1/8” oversized clamp kit or risers are required to mount to snowmobile.
  • Available in Black with laser etched logos and mounting indicator.

RSI Boondoggler Tapered Handlebars

Color: Black
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