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Hustler 7/8” Aluminum Handlebars

  • Super Strong 7/8” walled aluminum flexes to reduce vibration and rider fatigue to offer a better feel of the snowmobile.
  • 7/8” clamp area- no need for over-sized risers or clamp kit.
  • Mandrel precision pre-bent hook on each end of the handlebar.
  • Computerized tapered wall construction has 4" wide 7/8” center clamping space with plenty of room for stock controls and grips.
  • Available in three Unique anodized colors Orange, Pink, White, Lime Squeeze, Red, Light Blue, Race Red, Dark Blue ,Bronze Purple, Silver and Black with laser etched logos complete with mounting gauge.
  • Comes with Black RSI custom 3D molded bar pad.
  • 7/8” bar/ 1” rise/ 30” wide/ 10-degree sweep 

RSI Hustler Handlebars

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